Character and Design Assessment for Fairford and Horcott

This Character Assessment is intended to inform an understanding of the distinct features of Fairford and Horcott, and how they combine to create their unique character. The work has been carried out by a sub-group of the Fairford Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group with co-opted members from the local community. It was decided to divide the town of Fairford using the tithing divisions first referenced in 1779: Milton End, west of the river; Borough, the centre of the town; and East End, east of Borough, a large area which was subdivided into two (north and south of the A417) for manageability. Horcott, a separate settlement with its own distinct history, became the fifth area for analysis.

Initially a proforma (Oxford City Council, Character Assessment Toolkit) was used to identify significant features of each of the areas, supported by large numbers of photographs, and the analysis has been done using the Higham Ferrers example. Inevitably in each area there are buildings which are atypical (eg. Newcroft Cottage, an early1970s house in The Croft, surrounded by Victorian and Georgian buildings) and these have either been discounted or, if it was felt that their distinctiveness was intrinsic to the overall character of the area, this has been recorded. In the Conservation Area, on-site fieldwork has been supported by the historical record and evidence from the Historic England, Listed Buildings database. However, it was felt that the Listed Buildings themselves (over 100 in the parish) should not be specifically featured except insofar as they contribute to the character of each area as a whole.

All this work has been carried out by local residents who do not have specific architectural or planning backgrounds. This Character and Design Assessment will enable developers, planners, designers and local residents of the future to produce high quality designs of houses, landscape and other buildings all of which should enhance the local character of the parish.

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Character and Design Assessment introduction

2. Milton End

3. Borough

4. East End North

5. East End South

6. Horcott and 7. Conclusion

8. Gallery, Design Principles, Policies, References

FNP15 Conserving Non-Designated Heritage Assets – final copy