People for You – Your Volunteer Befriending Service in Fairford & Surrounding Villages

People For You

Your Volunteer Befriending Service in Fairford & Surrounding Villages

People are what make our communities vibrant and interesting, so every single person matters.

People for You understands the issues affecting local people – acknowledging that sometimes, through bereavement, ill-health, family moving away, or simply the times we live in; people can feel lonely, isolated and vulnerable, particularly in later life.

We know how important social contact is in making us feel a valued and vibrant part of our community.

People For You has been providing a free volunteer befriending service for nearly ten years.  We cover Fairford, Lechlade, Tetbury, and surrounding villages in the south Cotswolds.

Our volunteer visitors are local people you can rely on. They will visit you on a regular basis, offering companionship, a chance for a chat, or to share a laugh, and a listening ear – everything you need from a valued friend.

We’ll visit you before putting you in touch with a friend in your area, to make sure we match you with someone you’ll get on with.

All our volunteer visitors:-
• are local, reliable people who can bring the community to you
• have a genuine interest in meeting you

Their visits can have a positive impact on your health and well-being; research has shown that social contact makes us healthier as well as happier.

Contact Us
For more information email Sue Black or call her on 07810 630167.

People For You is managed by Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC)

“Before I had my visitor, my only companion was the television…….The special quality of the service for me is that now I have something to look forward to every week, whereas before I never knew when I would next have someone to talk to”.