Town Council

Town Council

Fairford Town Council is the elected local authority for Fairford. It is the tier of local government that is the closest to the people of Fairford and its Parish, and is in place to represent the interests of its local population. 
Fairford Town Council is a legal body and can only act within the powers given to it by Statutes (Acts of Parliament). 

Fairford Town Council has the right to be consulted by the Local Planning Authority (Cotswold District Council) on all Planning applications in its area.

Fairford Town Council consists of 13 Councillors, a Town Clerk and an Assistant Clerk. Town Councillors are elected by the residents of the Parish and serve for a term of 4 years. They are not paid and have to declare an interest in a matter if they have a pecuniary or substantial personal interest in it. The Clerk and Assistants are paid employees of the Town Council and act according to the instruction of the Councillors. The Town Council operates through the Council Office  (Fairford Community Centre) and regular Committee and Council meetings. The Council Office is manned by the Clerk and Assistant and is the main point of contact.

A full Town Council meeting is held once a month on the second Tuesday of the month, and all Councillors should be present at this meeting, which is chaired by the Mayor. Feeding into this Full Council meeting are various Committees and Sub-Committees.

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