DRIVE FOR LIFE – Safe and Social Driving

Farmors School

Tuesday 17th January 2016

Drive for Life will be holding an all-day event at Farmors School for their Sixth Form Students on Tuesday 17th January 2017; the students will be given the opportunity to learn about safe and social driving. Gloucestershire Road Safety Partnership and multiple agencies will use the day to raise awareness to the sixth form students about their behaviour and attitude whilst behind the wheel and as a passenger in their friends car.

As a rural community we depend on our vehicles so it is vital that we educate our new drivers on the importance of driving safely. Sadly, in the past 10 years the Costwold District area has lost 19 young people (aged 15-24) due to a road traffic collision. Drive for Life are holding this event to try and prevent the harm and heartache caused by these road traffic collisions.

Farmors School will have approximately 220 students attending the Drive for Life event; there will be many different workshops for them to get involved in, from watching the Fire Brigade extracting a human casualty from a “crashed” car to driving go-karts using “booze goggles.” There will also be educational workshops where students will listen to professionals about their experiences with collisions. The day is to encourage the new drivers to be as good as they can be whilst driving.