The Council’s correspondence with Lloyds Bank

At the timing of writing, the Fairford branch of Lloyds Bank is set to close on 7th November. The Town Council has written to Antonio Osario, CEO of Lloyds,  to ask for justification for the closure.  The  reply we received did not answer the questions asked.  We responded to request further information and received an even more inadequate reply.  The Council has contacted Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP to ask for his support in our efforts to halt the closure. We will be meeting him on 8th October at his constituent surgery in Cirencester.

The Council has written to the Banking Ombudsman outlining our concerns that Lloyds Bank has not followed the BBA protocol which stipulates that the bank should consult with the local community.  The Council has also written to Prof. Russel Griggs OBE who is  carrying out an independent review of bank branch closure protocol for the BBA.

Please click below for copies of the letters.




Your Council will continue to fight to halt the closure, and also to support alternative banking arrangements in the town.