Access to the Countryside

In 2016 the Town Council set up a working group with a remit to improve access to the countryside for all residents in Fairford.

The aims of the group are:

  • To make existing routes more accessible to everyone.
  • To encourage people with disabilities to experience the countryside around them.
  • To map and “signpost” circular routes around the town and ensure they are fully accessible.
  • To map and signpost routes into the countryside which provide views and walks for people of all abilities.

The group will work with the Councils, landowners, tenant farmers, PROW and existing user groups to:

  • Identify the local need for accessibility
  • Encourage participation from people with various disabilities in the local community
  • identify locations for benches
  • agree changes to field accesses
  • agree signage
  • identify sources of funding

The group identified the following potential projects to focus on:

  1. Walnut Tree Field – FTC has committed to installing motorbike inhibitors at two entrances to the park. Would also require additional grading of Croft entrance.
  2. Circular walks in the town – requires mapping and identifying areas where dropped kerbs and wider pavements are needed.
  3. Park Drive walk – use of existing smooth surface to create a straight walkthrough the Park up to the ECT arch and back. (requires signage).