The Circular River Walk – 2 Miles

Start at the Market Place, (with the Post Office on the right) cross over the A417 into Back Lane. This road immediately bends to the left followed by a junction. Take the right turn (marked as a public footpath) and follow this to another junction of footpaths where the right fork takes you across a bridge – known as Dilly’s bridge in memory of a much loved Golden Retriever. Take this path over the bridge.

As soon as you have crossed the River Coln, take the left hand path and proceed along this tarmac path to where it forks at a wooden fence. Follow the left hand path, this will pass between various buildings before the drive to Horcott Farm. Turn left towards the farm then turn almost immediately right towards a stile at the end of a garden. Climb over the stile and head to the left following a farm vehicle track through the field towards the River Coln. Follow around the edge of the wood on the right hand side to the end of the field. Cross the stile and footbridge and go through the area of scrub to a footbridge over the River Coln. Turn left and follow the course of the river back towards Fairford. As the town is approached, the path runs between the river and the long back gardens of Courtbrook. Dillys bridge will be passed again and follow the route back to the start of the walk.